In May of 2018, with careers, graduate degrees and diverging homes on the horizon for my friends and I, I picked up an old Canon 514XL and set out to capture our last summer together. I saw familiar faces in settings all around the world, and was reminded that real friendship doesn't care where you are. I also came to love a phrase that I heard and said a lot that summer: "thanks for coming". That phrase usually marked the end of time spent with others, but hinted that it wouldn't be the last. I hope that this film does the same thing.

A Huge Thanks and Much Love to:

Madie Bailey, Allison Barrera, Carolyn Barrera, Jean & Pam Baudrand, Jeremy Baudrand, Nathalie Baudrand, Danielle Bellantonio, Travis Benson, Ryan Broida, Roland Cobb, Noah Drake, Jad Fares, Ben Feinman, Tony Filson, Ryan & Caroline Flanders, Chris Garcia, Andrew Gavrila, Katharine Grubbe, Jay & Meri Guerry, Sarah Guerry, Talia Hale, Maxime Haneveld, Sarah Hansman, Kimy Harrison, Chrissy Heath, Leroy “Bad Boi” Heath, Tristan Hustrulid, Daorung Kaenphutsa, Olivia Koerner, Gavin LaCroix, Melanie Lauener, Jackie Lombardi, Corine Maes, Natalie Meniktas, Chris Nazi, Jono Nelson, Dave Owen, Camille Pflugradt, Mackenzie Piatchek, Patrick Poole, Stefanie Rowsell, Calvin & Hattie Ruysen, Michelle Sandoval, Gabrielle Sani, Megan Thiede, Hope Thomson, Nastassia Soffietto, Nick Squillace, Natasha Vergeer, Keagan Vernon, Mark Whitaker, Carson Willard, and everyone else involved in the making of this film!