The people that descend on Mt. Hood, OR during the summer months are some of the most colorful in the world, coming from all over the world to enjoy one of North America’s most famous mountains. For years, my summer spent at Mt. Hood shaped me into who I am today, and always left me proud of the place that has become a second home in that time. For this project, I set out to provide a glimpse into the unique people and timeless surroundings that make Mt. Hood so special, injecting a healthy mix of my perspectives through both my imagery and a series of letters, poems and notes written by others that I spent my summers with. I was inspired by the work of Cole Barash and Matt Georges, and decided to use an entirely analog process for this project, shooting, developing and scanning all of my own film. One Mamiya RB67, three months, and lots of Ilford products later I was left to piece together this medium format monster. To date, it is one of the most rewarding steps in my photographic career, and continuously reminds me what it is I love so much about the creative process.


This debut publication, a collection of film double exposures from Mt. Hood, OR, lends a light and minimal glimpse at the people and places surrounding one of the Northwest's most famous landmarks. Both the 8x10in. hardcover and softcover capture the series beautifully on #145 grain ProLine Pearl and #110 Premium Satin respectively. Hardcover copies come hand numbered on a first come first serve basis with printing capped at 100 copies.

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